Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd

Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd was first registered in India in 2012, as a turnkey engineering company offering the highest quality at the best value and able to support customer through the entire course of project.

Takasago Japan

Founded in 1923, Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.is Japan’s largest company specializing in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). The company’s mission is to make people’s lives more pleasant and contribute to society as a whole by creating comfortable environments. Building upon a solid theoretical foundation in thermal dynamics and electronics, Takasago uses its own leading-edge technology to design and construct HVAC system that meet a broad spectrum of requirements. Takasago is continuing its R&D efforts in many fields to play a part in conserving the global environment and addressing other social issues

Takasago Thermal Engineering of Japan acquires 26% stake in i-CLEAN, in India

Company Policy

Corporate Data

 Company Name  Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd.
 India HQ Office (Bangalore)  No.442, 2nd Floor, 17th Cross, Sector-IV,HSR Layout, Bangalore-560 102, India
  Date of Establishment  6th-November-2012
 Main Bank  SBI, Mizuho Bank (Japan), Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Japan)
 Business  Providing Total Industrial Engineering Solutions such as Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Support, Facility Monitoring & Controls, Testing & Commissioning
 Branch Office in India  #43, 3rd Floor, JVS Shakthi Building, Padur Village, Kelambakkam, Chennai 603103
 Parent Company (Japan)  Takasago Thermal Engineering Co.,Ltd., Japan
 Takasago Singapore Pte. Ltd.,
 Corporate Identity Number  U74999KA2012FTC066602
 Central Excise Registration No  AAECT4946REM001
 Income-tax (PAN) No  AAECT4946R
 Service Tax No  AAECT4946RSD
 EPF Registration No  PY/BOM/61169
 ESI Registration No  50000435150000606
 KVAT(TIN)  29941123046
 TNVAT(TIN)  33190891126
 CST No  1302195
 Factory Size  40mt x 75mt - 32,300 Sq. Ft. (3,000 Sq. Mt.)