Welcome to Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd

Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd is a Construction and Engineering company owned by Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd in Japan, which has a history of over 90 years in HVAC design and construction. As a dynamic company, Takasago is expanding and seeking business opportunities in India and is confident that India can benefit from our expertise.

Takasago is capable of undertaking industrial Turnkey projects for Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom. With emphasis on timely completion of all its projects, we offer total solutions for Building engineering works from design services to project execution right up to handing over to our customers. With a strong workforce, Takasago offers full in-house services for design and construction which include Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Security systems, Process support, Facility Monitoring and Controls, Testing and Commissioning works.

Our hands-on approach to each project allows us to be flexible, pro-active in anticipating problems and to have fast response in providing solutions. Takasago Engineering India offers the highest quality of work through best practices and efficiency, while maintaining safety with stringent measures to protect its employees, workers and customer’s property.